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  Every era had its own struggles and today we are experiencing pandemic. While some businesses thrive, some trying to navigate trough it and unfortunately some failing, this crisis thought us understanding the human drives will always be essential for the businesses. 

  I am here to understand your brands needs and create a road map according to your business goals. 


  I started working in McCann Erickson, one of the Turkey's biggest advertising agency in Istanbul. Then jumped to Google and left my glamorous corporate life in Mey İçki - Diageo. 

  I have done Coca-Cola ads, penetrated Google Adwords through SMBs and had the biggest fun of my life in Diageo with my all time favorite Rakı Team 

  Now ready to guide promising brands! The question is; 


  Are you ready to have professional             opinion for your brand?

Ceren Oskay, Brand Strategist

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